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Twin Oaks Elementary School

Aug '17
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Cur-Flis, Margaret  Attendant
Lamoureux, Mandy  Attendant
McCarrick, Sandra Support Attendant
Miller, Rhonda Support Attendant
Pannunzio, Mary Support Attendant
Roy, Calinda Support Attendant
Mapp, Hilary  Behaviour Technician
Gagnon, Valérie  Caretaker
Imeri, Bekim  Caretaker
Cippone, Maria  Daycare
Mardirossian, Martine (interim) Technician Daycare
Di Stefano, Nancy Library Librarian
Daly, Brian  Maintenance
Chronopoulos, Dena Administration Principal
Dennick, Ellen Resource Resource
Moley, Roxanne Administration School Secretary
Der, Donna Administration Secretary
Allard, Geneviève Cycle 2 Teacher
Ampleman, Erik Cycle 3 Teacher
Bernier, Catherine Cycle 3 Teacher
Butler, Jennifer Cycle 3 Teacher
Cavaliere, Derek (interim) Cycle 3 Teacher
Charette, Valerie Phys. Ed. Teacher
Chriqui, Fanny Cycle 2 Teacher
Cree, Sheryl Cycle 1 Teacher
D'Elia, Donna Kindergarten Teacher
DeAlmeida, Stephanie  Teacher
DiGenova, Ada Cycle 1 Teacher
Evangelista, Sabrina Kindergarten Teacher
Frank, Jody Cycle 2 Teacher
Godin, Deborah Kindergarten Teacher
Goodman, Jennifer Resource Teacher
Laquerre, Émilie Cycle 3 Teacher
Laucke, Roberta Cycle 2 Teacher
Leuzzi, Mike Cycle 1 Teacher
Maksymiw-Duszara, Sonja Cycle 1 Teacher
Mikail, Alia Cycle 1 Teacher
Oliver, Erin Cycle 2 Teacher
Ouimet, Chantal French Teacher
Perron, Pierre Music Teacher
Pouliot-Morneau, Julie Cycle 3 Teacher
Schreindorfer, Stephanie Teacher Teacher
Spooren, Eric French Teacher
Stoddart, Karen Cycle 1 Teacher
Tartaglia, Angela Cycle 1 Teacher
Tepperman, Suzanne Phys. Ed. Teacher
Vitelli, Mena Cycle 2 Teacher
Chagnon, Charles Administration Vice Principal

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Aug-22: School Fees & Workbooks available for purchase 10 a,m, to 3:30 p.m.
Aug-23: Dress Code supplier (blue/white clothing) 11:30 - 3:00 pm
Aug-23: School Fees & Workbooks available for purchase 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Aug-24: School Fees & Workbooks available for purchase 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Aug-31: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for students
Sep-04: Labor Day - No School

Word of the Day: CALLOUS
Definition: (adjective) Emotionally hardened; unfeeling.

Synonyms: indurate, pachydermatous.

Usage: He was a callous man and cared not for the suffering of others.