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Twin Oaks Elementary School


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McHugh, Mike Caretaker
Chronopoulos, DenaAdministration Principal
Der, DonnaAdministration Secretary
Potamoussis, ToulaAdministration School Secretary
Savard, JessicaAdministration Vice Principal
Parisien, AndreeanneFrench Teacher
Poudrette, NathalieFrench Teacher
Di Stefano, NancyLibrary Librarian
Perron, PierreMusic Teacher
Wong, Karissa (interim)Music Teacher
Charette, ValeriePhys. Ed. Teacher
Katsaros, AlexanderPhys. Ed. Teacher
Tepperman, SuzannePhys. Ed. Teacher
Goodman, JenniferResource Teacher
Mikail, AliaResource Teacher
Cippone, MariaSupport Daycare
Galvano, JenniferSupport Behaviour Technician
Miller, RhondaSupport Attendant
Pannunzio, MarySupport Attendant
Roy, CalindaSupport Attendant
Sartor, AngelaSupport Attendant
Cavaliere, DerekCycle 1 Teacher
Cree, SherylCycle 1 Teacher
DiGenova, AdaCycle 1 Teacher
Jakalian, Suzanna (interim)Cycle 1 Teacher
Katasavvas, AnastasiaCycle 1 Teacher
Leuzzi, MikeCycle 1 Teacher
Lyng, SharonCycle 1 Teacher
Spooren, EricCycle 1 Teacher
Stoddart, KarenCycle 1 Teacher
Allard, GenevièveCycle 2 Teacher
L'Heureux, ColleenCycle 2 Teacher
Laucke, RobertaCycle 2 Teacher
Oliver, ErinCycle 2 Teacher
Palmieri, MiaCycle 2 Teacher
Schreindorfer, StephanieCycle 2 Teacher
Sivilla, BiancaCycle 2 Teacher
Vitelli, MenaCycle 2 Teacher
Bernier, CatherineCycle 3 Teacher
Cianciullo, PinaCycle 3 Teacher
Collins, JulieCycle 3 Teacher
Di Iorio, SabrinaCycle 3 Teacher
Fitzios, JoyCycle 3 Teacher
Pouliot-Morneau, JulieCycle 3 Teacher
Rienzo, AntoniettaCycle 3 Teacher
Tzallas, CathyCycle 3 Teacher
Gagnon, ValérieJanitorial Caretaker
Tomeo, SalvatoreJanitorial Caretaker
Bellezza, PatriciaKindergarten Teacher
Chriqui, FannyKindergarten Teacher
D'Elia, DonnaKindergarten Teacher
Evangelista, SabrinaKindergarten Teacher
Frank, JodyKindergarten Teacher
Godin, DeborahKindergarten Teacher
Strigas, ChristinaKindergarten Teacher

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Jun-18: Grade 6 Graduation
Jun-21: Dress Down week begins (theme is Twin Oaks Students On Vacation!)
Jun-23: CAFETERIA closed
Jun-23: End of Year Food Truck visit!
Jun-24: St-Jean Baptiste Holiday

Word of the Day: MENDACIOUS
Definition: (adjective) Lying; untruthful.

Synonyms: dishonest, deceptive, deceitful, duplicitous.

Usage: She was more upset with the mendacious child for his dishonesty than his initial misbehavior.