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Twin Oaks Elementary School

Oct '17
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Allard, Geneviève Cycle 2 Teacher
Ampleman, Erik Cycle 3 Teacher
Beaulieu, Murielle  Attendant
Bernier, Catherine Cycle 3 Teacher
Blanchette, Sarah-Ann (interim) Cycle 2 Teacher
Butler, Jennifer Administration Vice Principal
Charette, Valerie Phys. Ed. Teacher
Chriqui, Fanny Cycle 2 Teacher
Chronopoulos, Dena Administration Principal
Cianciullo, Pina  Teacher
Cippone, Maria  Daycare
Cree, Sheryl Cycle 1 Teacher
Cur-Flis, Margaret  Attendant
D'Elia, Donna Kindergarten Teacher
Daly, Brian  Maintenance
DeAlmeida, Stephanie  Teacher
Dennick, Ellen Resource Resource
Der, Donna Administration Secretary
Di Stefano, Nancy Library Librarian
DiGenova, Ada Cycle 1 Teacher
Diodati, Amanda  Daycare Coordinator
Evangelista, Sabrina Kindergarten Teacher
Frank, Jody Cycle 2 Teacher
Gagnon, Valérie  Caretaker
Galvano, Jennifer  Behaviour Technician
Godin, Deborah Kindergarten Teacher
Goodman, Jennifer Resource Teacher
Gulino, Melissa (interim) Cycle 3 Teacher
Imeri, Bekim  Caretaker
Laquerre, Émilie Cycle 3 Teacher
Laucke, Roberta Cycle 2 Teacher
Leuzzi, Mike Cycle 1 Teacher
Maksymiw-Duszara, Sonja Cycle 1 Teacher
Mapp, Hilary  Behaviour Technician
Mardirossian, Martine (interim) Technician Daycare
Mikail, Alia Cycle 1 Teacher
Miller, Rhonda Support Attendant
Moley, Roxanne Administration School Secretary
Oliver, Erin Cycle 2 Teacher
Ouimet, Chantal French Teacher
Pannunzio, Mary Support Attendant
Perron, Pierre Music Teacher
Pouliot-Morneau, Julie Cycle 3 Teacher
Rienzo, Antonietta  Teacher
Roy, Calinda Support Attendant
Schreindorfer, Stephanie Teacher Teacher
Stagno, Annamaria Kindergarten Teacher
Stoddart, Karen Cycle 1 Teacher
Tepperman, Suzanne Phys. Ed. Teacher
Torre, Laura (interim) Cycle 3 Teacher
Vitelli, Mena Cycle 2 Teacher

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Oct-25: Bake Sale (Grade 6 fundraiser)
Oct-26: TCBY (for those who pre-ordered)
Oct-27: Spooky Spaghetti Night (Grade 6 fundraiser)
Oct-27: DEADLINE to send in Spooky Spaghetti Night order form
Oct-27: Kindergarten Dental Hygienist visit **CANCELLED** new date in November
Oct-31: HALLOWEEN 'Dress Down Day' wear orange & black
Nov-08: Kindergarten Dental Hygienist visit (NEW DATE)
Nov-09: Class E33 visits Library
Nov-09: Remembrance Day Luncheon

Word of the Day: CHUNKY
Definition: (adjective) Short and thick; stocky.

Synonyms: low-set, squat, squatty, stumpy, dumpy.

Usage: But there was a trio involved in this remarkable friendship, and the third was short, and fat, and chunky, and lazy, and, loath to say, it was I.