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Twin Oaks Elementary School




Allard, Geneviève   Cycle 2 Teacher
Bellezza Tavares, Patricia   Kindergarten Teacher
Bernier, Catherine     Cycle 3 Teacher
Burko, Ashley   Cycle 3 Teacher
Caprera, Antoinette Vice Principal
Cavaliere, Derek   Cycle 1 Teacher
Charette, Valerie Phys. Ed. Teacher
Chriqui, Fanny       Kindergarten Teacher
Chronopoulos, Dena Administration Principal
Cippone, Maria Support Daycare
Cree, Sheryl Cycle 1 Teacher
D'Elia, Donna     Kindergarten Teacher
Di Genova, Ada       Cycle 1 Teacher
Di Iorio, Sabrina     Cycle 3 Teacher
Di Stefano, Nancy Library Librarian
Evangelista, Sabrina Kindergarten Teacher
Frank, Jody       Kindergarten Teacher
Gagnon, Valérie Janitorial Caretaker
Galvano, Jennifer Support Behaviour Technician
Globensky, Stephane Music Teacher
Godin, Deborah     Cycle 1 Teacher
Goodman, Jennifer Resource Teacher
Karasavvas, Anastasia Cycle 1 Teacher
L'Heureux, Colleen     Cycle 2 Teacher
Laucke, Roberta Cycle 2 Teacher
Leuzzi, Mike     Cycle 1 Teacher
Lyng, Sharon Cycle 1 Teacher
McHugh, Mike Janitorial Caretaker
Mikail, Alia Resource Teacher
Miller, Rhonda Support Attendant
Oliver, Erin     Cycle 2 Teacher
Pace, Sophia Administration Secretary
Palmieri, Mia     Cycle 2 Teacher
Pannunzio, Mary Support Attendant
Potamoussis, Toula Administration School Secretary
Poudrette, Nathalie     French Teacher
Pouliot-Morneau, Julie     Cycle 3 Teacher
Sartor, Angela Support Attendant
Schreindorfer, Stephanie     Cycle 2 Teacher
Stoddart, Karen   Cycle 1 Teacher
Tepperman, Suzanne Phys. Ed. Teacher
Tomeo, Salvatore Janitorial Caretaker
Tzallas, Cathy     Cycle 3 Teacher
Vitelli, Mena     Cycle 2 Teacher

Word of the Day: HONKY-TONK
Definition: (noun) A cheap, noisy bar or dance hall.

Synonyms: barrelhouse.

Usage: The missionaries went to the honky-tonk on a Saturday night hoping to save souls, but they were not very successful.