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Twin Oaks Elementary School


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Allard, GenevièveCycle 2 Teacher
Bellezza, PatriciaKindergarten Teacher
Bernier, CatherineCycle 3 Teacher
Cavaliere, DerekCycle 1 Teacher
Charette, ValeriePhys. Ed. Teacher
Chriqui, FannyKindergarten Teacher
Chronopoulos, DenaAdministration Principal
Cianciullo, PinaCycle 3 Teacher
Cippone, Maria Daycare
Collins, JulieCycle 3 Teacher
Cree, SherylCycle 1 Teacher
D'Elia, DonnaKindergarten Teacher
Der, DonnaAdministration Secretary
Di Iorio, SabrinaCycle 3 Teacher
Di Stefano, NancyLibrary Librarian
DiGenova, AdaCycle 1 Teacher
Evangelista, SabrinaKindergarten Teacher
Fitzios, JoyCycle 3 Teacher
Frank, JodyKindergarten Teacher
Gagnon, Valérie Caretaker
Galvano, Jennifer Behaviour Technician
Godin, DeborahKindergarten Teacher
Goodman, JenniferResource Teacher
Jakalian, Suzanna (interim)Cycle 1 Teacher
Katasavvas, AnastasiaCycle 1 Teacher
Katsaros, AlexanderPhys. Ed. Teacher
L'Heureux, ColleenCycle 2 Teacher
Laucke, RobertaCycle 2 Teacher
Leuzzi, MikeCycle 1 Teacher
Lyng, SharonCycle 1 Teacher
Mikail, AliaResource Teacher
Miller, RhondaSupport Attendant
Oliver, ErinCycle 2 Teacher
Palmieri, MiaCycle 2 Teacher
Pannunzio, MarySupport Attendant
Parisien, AndreeanneFrench Teacher
Perron, PierreMusic Teacher
Potamoussis, ToulaAdministration School Secretary
Poudrette, NathalieFrench Teacher
Pouliot-Morneau, JulieCycle 3 Teacher
Rienzo, AntoniettaCycle 3 Teacher
Roy, CalindaSupport Attendant
Sartor, Angela Attendant
Savard, Jessica Vice Principal
Schreindorfer, StephanieCycle 2 Teacher
Sivilla, BiancaCycle 2 Teacher
Spooren, EricCycle 1 Teacher
Stoddart, KarenCycle 1 Teacher
Strigas, ChristinaKindergarten Teacher
Tepperman, SuzannePhys. Ed. Teacher
Tzallas, CathyCycle 3 Teacher
Vitelli, MenaCycle 2 Teacher
Wong, Karissa (interim)Music Teacher

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Oct-27: Grades Pre-K to Grade 6 School Photo Day
Oct-28: Grades Pre-K to Grade 6 School Photo Day
Oct-29: Wear something Orange or Black or costume
Oct-30: PED DAY No School
Oct-31: Halloween
Nov-01: Daylight savings ends - CLOCKS GO BACK 1 HOUR
Nov-11: Remembrance Day
Nov-12: Grade 6 Grad photos in a.m. (and re-takes in p.m.)
Nov-18: PPO Meeting 7:00pm
Nov-20: PED DAY No School

Word of the Day: PROFLIGACY
Definition: (noun) The trait of spending extravagantly.

Synonyms: prodigality, extravagance.

Usage: They fell on hard times but did not curb their spending, and this profligacy soon brought them to the brink of bankruptcy.