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Twin Oaks Elementary School


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Parent Participation Organization (P.P.O.)

The Purpose of a Parent Participation Organization (P.P.O.) is to encourage the collaboration of parents in developing, implementing and periodically evaluating the school's Educational Project and their participation in fostering their child's success. (Education Act, Article 96.2)

Our meetings are public, we encourage you to participate. We are always looking for new ideas and donations. Join us and share you thoughts and suggestions If you are unable to attend or for further information, you are welcome to send us an email at:

2020-21  P.P.O. 

Chair:  Stéphane Meunier

Vice-Chair:  Lori Ann Martins


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Oct-27: Grades Pre-K to Grade 6 School Photo Day
Oct-28: Grades Pre-K to Grade 6 School Photo Day
Oct-29: Wear something Orange or Black or costume
Oct-30: PED DAY No School
Oct-31: Halloween
Nov-01: Daylight savings ends - CLOCKS GO BACK 1 HOUR
Nov-11: Remembrance Day
Nov-12: Grade 6 Grad photos in a.m. (and re-takes in p.m.)
Nov-18: PPO Meeting 7:00pm
Nov-20: PED DAY No School

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