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Twin Oaks Elementary School


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About Us

School Attendance Zone

  • From Boulevard Ste-Rose an imaginary line between Rue des Charmes and Rue du Lac de Mai to Rivière des Mille Iles;
  • Rivière des Milles Iles to the extension of Rue de la Pointe aux Ormes (excluding Rue de la Pointe aux Ormes);
  • The extension of Rue de la Pointe-aux-Ormes to Avenue des Terrasses;
  • Avenue des Terrasses to C.P.R. tracks;
  • C.P.R. tracks to Autoroute 440;
  • Autoroute 440 to Autoroute 13;
  • Autoroute 13 to Boulevard Dagenais;
  • Boulevard Dagenais to Rue Marcellin;
  • Rue Marcellin to Rue Murielle;
  • Rue Murielle to Rue Marian;
  • Rue Marian to Boulevard Ste-Rose;
  • Boulevard Ste-Rose to point of departure.

Zone Map click here

The map describing the attendance zone for this school is intended to provide a general overview of the territory this school serves. Parents must contact the school in question in order to confirm admissibility to the requested school.

Philosophy / Mission

At Twin Oaks Elementary School we aim to provide a safe environment that encourages respect, tolerance and academic success for all.

General Information

Twin Oaks Elementary School was opened in 1962. It is located at 700 Lisane Street in Fabreville, Laval. Our population is comprised of students of multiple ethnic origins. We promote multicultural education and encourage diverse cultural content within the curriculum.

Twin Oaks Dress Code 2018-2019

Please remember our dress code is white or burgundy tops with navy blue bottoms.  No jeans.

Parent Participation

The Twin Oaks Governing Board and Parent Council meet every four to six weeks during the school year. We have a very active Parent Council and we welcome parent volunteers at Twin Oaks.


We offer an English program of studies with a strong French component to ensure our goal of graduating fluently bilingual children. Students with special needs receive services based on their Indivdual Education Plan (IEP).


We offer a school-based day care service. We have a library, stage, 2 gymnasiums and full cafeteria service daily. We have the services of a psychologist, speech-language pathologist, nurse, social worker, resource teacher, music and physical education specialists and library personnel.

Events and Activities

At Twin Oaks we have numerous activities such as after school activities, assemblies, music concerts, celebrations and fun days. Educational outings and field trips are planned on a monthly basis. We also bring artists, plays and other cultural events into the school.

We value social action at Twin Oaks. Our students have participated in the Terry Fox Run for over 20 years. We collect food for the needy and we donate to Breast Cancer research and other causes on a regular basis.

Other Information

The focus of the educational project of Twin Oaks Elementary School has been the acquisition of literacy and technology competencies at each cycle, within the cross-curricular approach of the Quebec Education Program.

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Upcoming Events
/ Calendar

Oct-27: Grades Pre-K to Grade 6 School Photo Day
Oct-28: Grades Pre-K to Grade 6 School Photo Day
Oct-29: Wear something Orange or Black or costume
Oct-30: PED DAY No School
Oct-31: Halloween
Nov-01: Daylight savings ends - CLOCKS GO BACK 1 HOUR
Nov-11: Remembrance Day
Nov-12: Grade 6 Grad photos in a.m. (and re-takes in p.m.)
Nov-18: PPO Meeting 7:00pm
Nov-20: PED DAY No School

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