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Twin Oaks Elementary School

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Welcome to Twin Oaks

Ground Breaking at Twin Oaks! [B3412:2015-03-23]

Ground breaking ceremony at Twin Oaks. Present were Commissioner Guy Gagnon, former Twin Oaks Commissioner Steve Kmec, present Twin Oaks Commissioner Mr. Migliozzi, SWLSB Director General Stéphanie Vucko, SWLSB Council  Chair Jennifer Maccarone, Laval City Counsellor M. Trottier, Deputy political attaché for Sainte-Rose Vicki Emard and Twin Oaks Principal Mary Lazaris.

Ground Breaking Ceremony Assembly Photos

Cement Is Poured [B3469:2015-04-20]

Phase II - concrete has been poured

As our K's lend a hand in the construction of their school!

Twin Oaks Talent Night Show [B3450 - D. Der:2015-04-08]
Twin Oaks Update Mathew Schreindorfer [B3457 - D. Der:2015-04-14]

Twin Oaks Elementary School


700 Lisane, Laval, QC, H7P 3T2
Tel. 450 680-3045
Principal: Mary Lazaris  


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Apr-28: After-school SOCCER Grade 1-2-3
Apr-29: After-school KARATE
Apr-29: POPCORN $2
Apr-29: Talent Show Dress rehearsal for students only
Apr-30: **POSTPONED** After-school SOCCER Grade 4-5-6
Apr-30: Talent Show 6:30 p.m.
May-01: Vaccination Hep.B Grade 4 ONLY (last dose)
May-01: Pizza Day - (for those who pre-ordered)
May-05: P.P.O. - 7:00 p.m.
May-05: After-school SOCCER Grade 1-2-3

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