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Twin Oaks Elementary School

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Welcome to Twin Oaks

Twin Oaks has been adopted by Indigo Laval. Hooray!!

Our school is taking part in Adopt a School - the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation’s fundraising program in order to raise money for our school library. Please see attached for how you can help.  

From September 14th to October 4th, we need your help to make sure our school raises enough money for our library. All funds raised by our school will be used to buy new books. In the meantime, if you visit the Indigo store during the summer, please ensure to ask if you can make donation and spread the word to family and friends.

School Fees 2015-16 for web [B3712 - D. Der:2015-08-21]
Twin Oaks Calendar SEPTEMBER 2015 [B3723 - D. Der:2015-08-27]
Breaking Ground Video [B3591:2015-06-16]

Twin Oaks Elementary School


700 Lisane, Laval, QC, H7P 3T2
Tel. 450 680-3045
Principal: Mary Lazaris  


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